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Investing in Property in Singapore: Is There Still Long-Term Value?

While they may not be as popular at the moment, Singapore REITs can still offer investors a reliable and sustainable source of long-term income.

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The Importance of Growth in Singapore's Retail Sector

The recovery of Singapore's retail market is anticipated to be a gradual process due to prevailing risks and uncertainties. However, this will be somewhat alleviated by the moderate levels of forthcoming supply.

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

Globally, real estate investment trusts (REITs) have become a popular option for generating income from real estate investments. Singapore, in particular, has established itself as the leading REIT hub in Asia since the launch of CapitaLand Mall Trust in 2002. Despite their past popularity, REITs are currently facing reduced interest as the US Federal Reserve increases interest rates.

This decline in interest is primarily because, as fixed income yields climb, the yield spread between 'safer' bonds and 'riskier' fixed income securities diminishes, making the latter less appealing.

Nonetheless, when we examine the long-term performance of Singapore REITs in comparison to the broader equity market, it is evident that they still hold value. REITs can be a beneficial addition to investors' portfolios, providing a sustainable income source over extended periods.

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Assessing Your Clientele

It's imperative to delineate your customer demographic by examining past interactions. This initial exploration unveils insights into the attributes, anticipations, and requirements of individuals connected to your enterprise.

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Expertise in Property Guidance

Understanding the significance of professional assistance is paramount. Numerous aspects demand consideration when engaging in the procurement of a fresh condominium launch in 2024. Hence, the aid of a reputable real estate agency proves invaluable throughout the endeavor.

Real estate agencies, equipped with seasoned agents, possess comprehensive insights into the entire negotiation process. From price discussions to purchase terms, sales agreements, and legal and financial prerequisites, their expertise provides a heightened sense of security in transactions. Given the multitude of variables involved, seeking such guidance is undoubtedly prudent.

Collaborating with a real estate agency grants access to an extensive array of properties. This encompasses various locations, sizes, and essential features tailored to your investment preferences. Whether you seek specific criteria such as location, pricing, or property type, their offerings cater to diverse needs.

In essence, the involvement of a real estate agency can amplify your investment's profitability. Leveraging their training and experience, these agents furnish detailed insights into the properties they represent. Moreover, they facilitate the entire selling process, ensuring a seamless experience for homeowners.


Confidence in the agency and the agent. Entering into a multi-exclusive contract allows the seller to build a trusting relationship with the agency and their advisor.

We Handle Everything for You.

We provide a comprehensive service for our clients, managing every aspect of the process. Our agents streamline transactions between all parties involved in buying or renting properties. They also offer expert advice on the most suitable home for each client.

An industry professional will serve as an essential guide throughout the process, attentively listening to clients' needs and aligning with their priorities. This approach ensures that clients spend minimal time searching for properties or potential buyers, while also offering greater peace of mind.

Moreover, our agents are skilled negotiators, capable of securing market-appropriate prices and conditions for property sales. They will also oversee all documentation, including contracts and order notes, leveraging their legal expertise to prevent any fraudulent or irregular clauses.

One of the key services we offer is finding the right financing options. Given the complexity of negotiating favorable mortgage terms with banks, entrusting this task to a real estate agent is the best course of action.

A Reputable Real Estate Agency Ensures a Successful Investment.

To build greater trust in a real estate agency and its management, it's beneficial to inquire about the strategies they employ to secure economic gains for our investment.

Maintaining regular communication with the real estate agent is crucial to staying updated on every development and offer that comes up.

Considering these factors when selecting a reputable real estate agency significantly enhances the chances of making a successful purchase.

Finding the Perfect Property for Each Client

This endeavor is quite challenging due to the ever-evolving real estate market. A team of agents dedicates numerous hours to examining available listings and conducting various analyses to present these properties to potential buyers.

Providing Continuous Customer Support

The real estate agent will address all your inquiries, whether in person at the agency or via phone or video calls. This approach ensures that users receive detailed information about the process swiftly and conveniently.

Promoting Properties

One of the primary responsibilities of real estate companies is to advertise properties through various channels. This includes top real estate websites, free listing portals, social media platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), agency websites, printed brochures, and participation in exhibitions and fairs.

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Maximizing Investments

A real estate agency handles properties that typically represent significant investments. Effective management ensures these properties are well-maintained and generate optimal profits.

Ensuring Legal Compliance

The real estate sector operates under specific laws and regulations. Professional management ensures adherence to these rules, preventing legal issues.

Marketing and Promotion

To attract buyers or tenants, a real estate agency must effectively promote its properties. Management involves implementing robust marketing strategies to reach the target audience.

Optimizing Rentals and Sales

Effective management leads to higher rental income and successful sales, boosting overall revenue and return on investment.

Maintenance and Upkeep

To preserve their value, properties require proper maintenance. Property management guarantees timely repairs and upkeep when needed.

Investing in Real Estate

The reality is, there are numerous advantages to delving into real estate investments.

Long-Term Financial Gains

It's important to understand that real estate investment is a path towards long-term financial stability. Your investment has the potential to reap rewards well into the future. As per statistical data, it typically takes an average of 21 years of rental income to recoup the initial real estate purchase.

Passive Income Generation

The allure of passive income is universal. You likely know individuals who sustain themselves through passive earnings, such as artists, authors, or creators who receive royalties from their creations.

Portfolio Diversification

Fortunately, engaging in long-term investments and generating passive income can aid in diversifying your investment portfolio. This means that such earnings can be reinvested into additional properties, potentially leading to the establishment of a small real estate enterprise over time.

Potential for Substantial Profits

Consider this scenario: you invest in a property valued at approximately S/1,440,000 in an up-and-coming neighborhood. Over the years, fueled by high demand for housing, the property appreciates to S/1,650,000. If you opt to sell at this juncture, your profit would amount to S/210,000.